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Expert Advice On How To Expand Your Vocabulary For An Opinion Essay

The opinion essay differs from other types in that it is less about facts and more about your personal stance on the matter. In some ways, this makes it easier to write. While composing other forms of theses may require a great amount of research and citations, this one simply requires you to passionate about the subject and are able to present that in a concise and persuasive manner. Stating an opinion is not difficult. Most of us do it multiple times every day.

Using a creative vocabulary will significantly aid you in the construction of an opinion essay. The English language has over 1,025,109.8 words and this amount is constantly growing, yet we use the same words over and over to express things that could be much better articulated.

Tips for expanding your vocabulary

Language is an art and while you may not consider yourself much of an artist, there are still some things you can do to expand your vocabulary, thus improving your paper writing skills. No one wants to read a tedious and dully written paper. An improved vocabulary leads to improved argument.

Use the following tips to bring out your brilliance on paper:

  • Begin sentences with words like: however, nevertheless, it stands to reason, inasmuch, regardless, etc. These words put your statements into perspective and help your ideas to stand out better. Do not overuse them, but once or twice in a paragraph is a good idea.
  • Replace generic words like work, good, boring, etc with creative synonyms. Examples of these could be:
    • work – exertion, labour, toil, effort
    • good – superior, fine, excellent, admirable, first rate
    • boring – dull, tedious, monotonous, dreary, tiresome

    This doesn’t mean that every time you use one of these words you have to replace them with one of their synonyms. But especially if you are using the word or concept more than once in a paper, you should creatively use synonyms to bring your point out better and keep things interesting.

  • Always make sure the word you are using, or substituting for a synonym, is in proper context to what you are trying to say. There is almost nothing worse than using a big word in an endeavour to sound more academically-inclined, but instead being left with a poorly-expressed idea that doesn’t really make sense. While synonyms have similar meanings, they are not always precise and you need to make sure you are using the accurate one that complements your sentence

These are only a few tips on expanding your vocabulary, but you can be sure they will do a great deal for you if you follow them correctly. Your opinion essays will soon contain the lustre they may have been lacking.

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