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20 Acute Essay Debate Questions On Middle East Problems

There are certain issues experienced in the Middle East. These are issues to do with war, conflicts or terrorism. You may be asked to write debatable essays with regard to the Middle East crisis. Here are 20 acute essay questions that can be done.

  1. Why has it been difficult to bring peace in the Middle East?
  2. Is peace possible in the4 Middle East?
  3. Does Islam cause violence in the Middle East?
  4. What is the major cause of hatred and distrust in the Middle East?
  5. Discuss terrorism and culture of the Middle East.
  6. What is the history of the Middle Eastern minority groups?
  7. What s the history of the terrorist group Hamas?
  8. Why has Afghanistan been the constant state of chaos over the years?
  9. What have been the major demographic changes in North Africa and Middle East?
  10. Discuss the Middle East conflict.
  11. Discuss the Middle east peace process
  12. Discuss the Israeli- Palestine conflict.
  13. Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
  14. Discuss democracy in the4 Middle East.
  15. What has been the influence religious history in the Middle East?
  16. Discuss the impact of the clash between Arab nationalism and Jewish nationalism from 1948-1973 and how it has been the main cause of the Arab- Israeli conflicts.
  17. Discuss the changes in Afghanistan in the 1990s and how it has resulted in a movement towards Islamic fundamentalism.
  18. Discuss the effect of oil on world politics and how the international community responded to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.
  19. Discuss the impact of the decision by Israel society to grant control the Gaza strip and a part of the West Bank to the Palestinians in the 1990s.
  20. Discuss the concept of nationalism in the Middle East.

Additional questions.

  1. Discuss the challenges faced in the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict as the peace process continues in the Middle East.
  2. Should the International Community stop to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East?
  3. What is the major long-term economic concern in most of the nations of the Middle East?
  4. How does the support for traditional Muslim teachings impact on the actions of most Islamic fundamentalists?


These are just but a few of essay questions that can be tackled in relation to problems in the Middle East. For more information on this, check this website.

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