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The Social Movement

Social movement

Social movements are group actions which draws attention to specific social and political issues. Their action consists of carrying out, resisting or reversing a social change. In the modern age, there are a variety of movements which deal a variety of issues from feminism to nuclear weapons, and environment to consumerism.

It is believed that the Modern Western social movements were a result of education and increased freedom of labor. The freedom of expression is also seen as responsible for the sheer number of social movements in today’s society. However, while these factors may have led to an increase in movements, they are not the reason for their origins. Over the last two centuries they have become a popular expression of opposition, which has recently been linked to Western colonialism. Modern movements have adapted to communication trends, and utilize the technology and internet to bring people from all over the world together.

Modern social movements

  1. The Anti-Nuclear Movement.
  2. This social movement is dedicated to opposing the worlds various nuclear technologies. A variety of groups on a local, national and international scale have identifies themselves with this movement. Their initial objective was nuclear disarmament, though during the latter 1960’s they began to focus on opposing the use of nuclear power. A few of the major anti-nuclear groups include; Friends of the Earth, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Greenpeace, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service , and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

  3. The anti-jock movement.
  4. This cyber movement is loosely organized, and consists of themed websites. They aim to challenge cultural dominance of existing competitive sports, and raise issues they have apparent detrimental effects. The word “jock” is directed at the "stereotypical athlete”. The websites do distinguish between the positive and negative effects of sports and an interest in them.

  5. Anti-consumerism
  6. This sociopolitical movement is opposed to consumerism; that is the continual purchase and consumption of material possessions. This movement is directed at the actions of business cooperation’s and the detrimental effect they have on the public welfare. This includes environmental protection and social stratification in society. In politics, this movement overlaps with other forms of activism; such as environmental, anti-globalization and animal rights.

  7. The Tea Party movement
  8. This political movement, in the USA, is known for its conservative position and part played in the Republican Party. The movement’s members have called for a reduction in the national debt and federal budget deficit. Their aim to reduce government spending and lower taxes; while opposing universal healthcare which is sponsored by the government.

Hence, this is how the social movement evolved with time.

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