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5 Things To Remember Writing An Essay About The Culture Of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has a rich culture. This has been influenced by different civilizations that have occurred over a historical periods. The Vietnamese culture has been influenced by different civilizations such as the French, Chinese, Russians and Americans. There are also many factors that have influenced the culture. These include many centuries of war, hardship and oppression. The Vietnamese are hand working people and are part and parcel of their strong culture.

  1. Vietnam war
  2. The Vietnamese fought for many years to get their government. In 1954, the country was split into two in accordance to the Geneva accord. On the north was a communist government while in the south was a democratic government. Several events led to a war between the two countries. After years of guerrilla, the north won the war and Vietnam was reunified. The war led to the death of millions of people.

  3. People
  4. There are over 60 languages that live in Vietnam and the majorities are the Viet. The country has over 75 million people and most of them live in the Vietnam lowlands. Over 75 percent of the Vietnam population lives in rural areas with their majority being rice farmers. Among the minority groups in Vietnam are the Chinese with most of them having migrated between the 17th and 18th century.

  5. Food
  6. Like it the case with many other Asian countries, rice is the staple food in Vietnam. However, the food will vary from one region to the other. Other than rice, other types of foods that are eaten throughout the country include tropical fruits, curry, stir fries and soup. Meats including beef are rare as they are too expensive. This is due to the fact that they spoil easily unless refrigerated. On the other hand, sea foods, frog’s egg, eels are quite popular in the country. Some of the common fruits are mangoes, bananas and coconut. Common beverages include tea, soda, beer as well as wine made from rice.

  • Lifestyle
  • The lifestyle in different regions of Vietnam is different. However, certain aspects are the same throughout. The family is the center of life in Vietnam and many homes find themselves supporting grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. The average number of children in each family is four.

  • Religion
  • While half of the population belong organized religion, the Vietnamese people are also highly superstitious and they worship their ancestors. Buddhists are the majority among the organized religions. Catholicism is also another major religion.

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