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How To Write An Essay For An Internship: Helpful Directions

An internship can certainly offer great opportunities and this can serve as a stepping stone to one’s dream career. Meanwhile, an essay provides one an opportunity to express his or her personality beyond what can be collected from other forms of application. Regard it as a written interview and consider using it as an opportunity to reveal your passion for personal motivations as well as for the field. Take note that a well-formulated interview can surely give you an edge from other applicants by means of indicating your strength in written communication.

So, how to properly compose an essay for internship?

  • Begin with a catchy opening sentence. Reveal a detail that is interesting and relevant at the same time. Your introduction should be direct, specific and related to the graduate fellowship.
  • Conclude the first paragraph using a thesis statement that is clear and concise. This must be able to guide the progress of your written discourse. Likewise, it is important for it to be narrowly focused to the graduate fellowship you prefer.
  • Concentrate on why you would be a credit to the firm. Every applicant will be composing about what service learning opportunity will do for them; however, you can make a difference through emphasizing what you will be contributing to the firm. Contemplate on the most valuable traits you will bring to the table and these will be especially useful in the first few paragraphs.
  • Link relevant experience. Bear in mind that experience can be anything from a babysitting job, a superior position on a sports team and the like. In the event you plan to include your transcript or resume, do not restate the contents. You may rather use the written discourse to particularize the qualifications as well as skills you have that make you an outstanding candidate.
  • Affirm that you will treat the service learning opportunity like a job. Whether or not you will be working on a full-time basis or will be given salary, show them that you are aware that apprenticeship is indeed a significant professional opportunity. You can do this through embracing a professional and mature tone in the written discourse.
  • Refrain from stating the obvious and clichés through being specific. Discuss about certain expertise or experience you hope to learn and how you will utilize them in your field.
  • Always strictly adhere to guidelines. You may ask for direction from the apprenticeship coordinator to keep you on track. It is advised to follow rules strictly as this is an indication of your discipline and attention to detail.

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