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Consumer Insights On Purchase Behavior Of Shampoo Products In South Asia


It is arguably right that Shampoo is one of the strongest brands not only one of the strongest brands not only in South Asia but also the rest of the world. In order to maintain its brand there is need to understand the consumer insights and the impact they have on its products. This is because these insights are the main basis that organizations use in developing brands. The growth of the product as well as the brand is guided by the organization’s ability to attract and retain customers.

Emerging Markets

There are various consumer insights that are usually factored in every emerging market. In the case of South Asia, they include the scale of the market and the reassurance of big brands, adherence to the Asian traditions that characterize the society on the hierarchical basis and protection of status. These are the factors that have enabled Shampoo to be able to integrate the “do good” strategy as opposed to the “feel good” strategy that is organization centered. Unlike the developed countries such as United States, there has been much protection and pragmatism in South Asian market. The best example to signify this is the Shampoo’s market trends in China and Philippines. The increase in market protection has denied the consumers an opportunity to enjoy hedonistic benefits that satisfy their pleasures.

In order to address such issues, the marketers in the region need to take advantage of the consumer commonalities and make strategic imperatives that will be guided by the company’s ability to launch a mega brand that will be able to stand out. The marketers should also adjust product to ensure that there is value justification. This is one of the most important things when it comes to markets that are full of protection as it is the case in south Asia. The companies should compete across and not within. This will be aided by contextual and rational communications that will have been developed.

When it comes to value justification, the organizations are supposed to rely on value reengineering. This will make it possible for the company to increase its market among the majority who are the middle and low income group. The organizations should also develop composite products that are in line with the needs of the mass market. That is, the market focus should be driven by the need to produce goods that will help the customers meet their purposes and not pleasures. Doing this will helps to improve the rand loyalty.


In conclusion, there is a need to understand that consumer insights are very vital not only to the marketing department but also to the production. This is because they produce goods that are going to be good for the market. Therefore, companies need to come up with smart ways of combining consumer insights with market research for the business to thrive in an emerging market like South Asia.

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