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Pneumonia is an infection condition that affects the lung. Its principal causes are the infection with bacteria or viruses and also can be because of other microorganisms, other diseases and a particular type of drugs. The most common symptoms and signs of these treatable diseases include pain in the chest, cough, fever and breathing difficulties. Today pneumonia survival has improved compared to the past centuries partly because of the advent of vaccines and strong antibiotic therapy. This condition is still a leading cause of death in developing countries especially to the chronically ill people, very young and old people. In most cases, the term pneumonia has been used to explain any condition that can cause lung inflammation. There are a lot of risk factors and conditions that pneumonia predisposes to this include alcoholism, chronic liver and kidney diseases, immunodeficiency and smoking. Also people who tend to use medication that suppress acid and old aged people are normally at a higher risk of contracting pneumonia.

Prevention of pneumonia

There are many prevention methods that include right treatment of health problem associated with the disease, vaccination and containment of environmental factors that result in the disease. The vaccine can be used to prevent against virus and bacteria across all ages of the people. Vaccination according to various centres of disease control is recommended yearly for all people who are six months and above. The use of certain medication such as rimantadine in case of an outbreak of influenza can be of help, but it comes with an associated side effects. Also, some medications are there to help reduce the chance f symptoms developing to those who have been exposed. Other prevention techniques include reducing indoor pollution of air, reducing smoking, use of surgical masks by the affected people, hand hygiene and mannered coughing, effective treatment of illnesses and in kids below six months appropriate breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of contracting pneumonia

Complications associated with pneumonia

Pneumonia can come along with other diseases since it usually causes the lung to be susceptible to other diseases by weakening its functionality. Respiratory failure can result from pneumonia since it triggers the acute respiratory distress syndrome which occurs due to a combination of inflammatory and infection response. Diseases such as sepsis are due to the complication that results from pneumonia and mostly affect people whose immunity is weak or are hyposplenism. In newborns complications are hard to come by but are still the most affected with these killer diseases.

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