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Creating A Great Essay On Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is a grand story of triumph of goodness in trying times. The setting of the book, written by Harper Lee and published in 1960 is quite strategic; the time of Great Depression. There was unnecessary indignation among people in that time.

A scattered beginning

Since the book charts racism as its central theme, you can easily cut a smart essay topic that is racially inclined. An emphatic topic would be – ‘How Scout turns white in the heart’. Now, you can begin with the apprehensions that Scout Finch carries in her mind as the book begins.

  • Her perception of the reclusive Boo Radley and the feeling that recluses must have facts they would love to hide is a blocking perception. Her father Atticus, who is a prominent lawyer, fails to drive home the point in her that life is beautiful if you love people.

  • The significant interlude in the book is about the rape allegation by a white woman against a black man. It was easy to adjudge black people as serial convicts in those times. The man is shown innocent to the readers even if he is convicted and later shot is a step in the right direction. The love that she gets from her black servant Calpurnia even as her white friends despise her is another excellent insertion.

  • The character of Bob Ewell is a dark figment of the writer’s imagination as he plans revenge on Atticus for violating the racial tenet that seems to strengthen white people and desensitize them. It is actually suggestive to note that Atticus is himself a white man but has risen from the cavalier attitude of racial discrimination.

  • The manner in which Boo Radley saves Scout’s brother from Ewell thumps her with the goodness of heart and the power of understanding. There may be kindness and qualities even in a leper. In this, the book makes a remarkable impression and should guide your essay in a winsome manner.

  • The runaway character of Dill is another totem of indecision among white men, showing that human traits are independent of the color of their skin. Slowly but surely, Scout makes her conclusions and you can also conclude your write-up on an assertive note.

The book has many layers and it would be ideal to read the book before writing your extract, rather than depending on plot overview. Trust your own judgment and propriety.

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