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Writing An Impressive Argumentative Essay About High School Rules

While writing an argumentative essay, you need to be aware of both sides; the pros and cons. It is generally a debatable topic where you have the option of treading whichever way you want to. However, it is best if you give equal emphasis on both sides and from therein make your judgment.

Now, let’s regard the topic on high school rules. You can proceed on the following lines.

  • The starting paragraph will of course explain how high school’s decorum needs to be maintained and rules play a significant role in ensuring that. It should flow seamlessly into the second paragraph.
  • The second paragraph may be about how rules like keeping uniforms clean, submitting assignments with regularity and keeping school premises clean instill discipline in kids. How they learn to regard their teachers and understand the value of education. How they also understand the significance of extracurricular activities. How frequent experimentation trips like cleaning roads or teaching slum kids accords responsibility in them.
  • The third paragraph may be about a few drawbacks. How the stern behavior towards homework makes them frustrated and renders them amenable to imitation. How the system of categorizing kids into houses fosters the feeling of mine and yours. How the ploy of granting relative freedom to them in relation to middle school kids make them brash and testy.
  • The fourth paragraph would be about analysis. You will have to measure the pros and cons (you can add to the numbers) and thus approve or reprobate high school rules. You may administer the usage of high school rules or bring to the fore the fact that these rules abuse the spirit of school. You may also cite a credible example to rally your case.
  • The last paragraph will bring to conclusion the running debate. You have to convince the reader that what you suggest is the only path forward. You should quell any doubts that may have seeped into the reader’s mind by now. You should dilute any scope for conflict, if you will.

Be transparent

The biggest weapon of argumentative essay is transparency. You need to come out as unbiased and neutral. You cannot come with the wisdom of preconception; it will cloud your vision. You should also pay attention to the real benefit that both sides of the topic generate so you can scale and calibrate them.

Proceed with honesty and jot down effective points. You will have done your job.

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