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Effectiveness Of Propaganda

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, propaganda refers to allegations, facts and ideas spread deliberately to damage an opposing cause or to further one’s cause. Propaganda was the driving force in the Second World War, which kept the war heated and every country’s populace united for a common cause. For instance, taking a flash back of the Second World War, it is quite a disgusting about what persuaded Americans and the Germans to engage in the battle. Both nations, America and Germany developed vast allegations during the battle which were degrading to their opposing side. This developed a great sense of nationalism which kept each nation on top irrespective of the degradation allegations spread by their opposing. The governments used propaganda to heighten patriotism among her its citizen. Both countries were success to unite her citizens through spreading of fraudulent allegations.

Propaganda and Second World War

The main reason why the Second World War had such vast impact on the world was due to successful use of propaganda. Propaganda was the key factor that kept the war heated. If anyone take into account the number of soldiers who participated in the battle and number of casualties that happened, it is very clear that there was driving force towards the battle. Due to the skillful art of propaganda, during the war, almost every citizen from each nation was acting participant to help his country cause in whatever way possible because propaganda had lit a fire in the stomach of everyone. The use of propaganda in the Second World War is a clear indication of how effective propaganda is. Both German and United States of America were very successful to unite their citizens and create a sense of patriotism among the citizens. The use of propaganda to influence other nations to participate the war also proved propaganda to be very effective tool of mass movement of the time.

Limitations of Propaganda

Although propaganda is one of the most successful to spread fraudulent allegations to damage an opposing cause or to further one’s cause, the reality remains to be that propaganda on its own cannot force its way into unwilling minds or inculcate something completely new. In fact, propaganda cannot persuade people once they have ceased to believe. To maintain itself, propaganda orders things so that people can be made to believe by force. Propaganda can only penetrate into minds that are already open and can only justify the opinion already present in the minds of the recipient.

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