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List Of 15 Unique Essay Topics About American Festivals

The USA is a country that has become a home for many nations. It has a rich history with many noticeable events that need to be remembered and celebrated. If you are composing an essay that is dedicated to American festivals and holidays, you will have enough material to use.

Why the Choice of a Topic Matters

The subject of holidays and festive events in America has always received enough attention from researchers. This is why many topics are already banal and overly explored. If you want your essay to stand out, you need a fresh idea that can attract the attention of readers and make your project special.

You can try searching for topics on the Internet because the Web is full of information and interesting facts. As well, you can try searching for inspiration in libraries, looking through related literature and reference books. Finally, you can resort to essay topic generators that can provide you with plenty of interesting ideas.

Below, you can find several suggestions:

  1. Should Native American festivals and celebrations be added to the list of modern ones?
  2. What’s the story behind the Thanksgiving Day’s turkey? Why can’t it be another dish?
  3. What’s the similarity between the ancient pagan harvest fests and the official Thanksgiving Day that is also dedicated to a good harvest?
  4. Is there still any little trace of the ancient Celtic Samhain in the today’s Halloween?
  5. The way Christian and pagan traditions have interwoven in many contemporary holidays and festivities.
  6. The background of Christmas symbols: the Christmas tree, a kiss under the mistletoe, a log in a fireplace, etc.
  7. The friendly spirit of the Independence Day in comparison to other official national holidays.
  8. The best Independence Day festivities that you have ever seen.
  9. Should everybody be green on St. Patrick’s Day?
  10. Should Easter be celebrated on the same day by all the Christians?
  11. Is there any sense but a commercial one in the festivities around the St. Valentine’s Day?
  12. Are there any holidays that should be celebrated more festively than they are celebrated now? Explain your reasons.
  13. Should Americans celebrate all the traditional festivities of all the nations that live in the USA?
  14. Is there a holiday you would like to add to the existing calendar because it deserves the attention? Explain your reasons.
  15. Should there be more official holidays when people can have a day off and celebrate a festive occasion with their families and friends?

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