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Getting A Compare And Contrast Essay Example With Conclusion

Things become really easy when you have a sample in front of you. Say while composing an essay, your composition will be more organized and fluid if you have a sample that you can refer to. Compare and contrast are very common types of essays, especially in high school. In this type of essay you are required to take generally two things that are somewhat complimentary and draw a list of ways they are similar and dissimilar. Students might be asked to take two texts of literature and dos compare and contrast of them. It basically makes the students use their power of analysis thoroughly.

Knowing the basic structure helps, so here is one to help you with yours.

Draw a list of points

Before you begin, read or understand the two things thoroughly. For that you can refer to books or websites. There are several websites that have comparisons and contrasts written by professional writers. It makes your job easier. If you don't find a suitable one, make one yourself. Find some points of comparison, some points of contrary and put them down in two columns.


A brief introduction should talk about both the things that you are considering. You must also mention why these have been chosen by you for this essay. It is necessary to give the reader some background before you plunge into your essay. If a reader doesn't know what the two things are, your introduction should make it clear to them.


Points by point write the points of similarity and distinction. In one paragraph talk about one similarity and break paragraph to talk about the dissimilarity. Don't mix the two arguments. You must provide ample examples to support all the statements that you are making. Provide quotation from text or of critics for literary works. 

If you have less smart for one argument, club the similarity and dissimilarity in one paragraph. Your paragraphs should have cue words that will lead on to the next paragraph. They shouldn't be disjointed. 


The conclusion has to be impactful as it is the last word you are having with the reader. In this you can talk about how the texts are more similar than dissimilar or vice versa. You can alternately talk about how even due to their similarities they are unique in their own place, etc.

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