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Dream Interpretation

Interpreting your dreams is an ancient practice that stems from Ancient Egypt from a time when prophecies were believed in. Dreams are claimed to be the result of an unheard communication between our conscious and unconscious mind. They are often considered a bridge between reality and fantasy. Dreams are a mode that allows one to travel back and forth between what they believe they know and things they believe they are aware of. Dream Interpretation is a practice that is said to possess the ability to make someone feel whole, and to have the ability to better understand oneself. Because everyone is unique the way in which they reveal their deepest fears and desires is different. Hence, dreams never follow set rules or formulas.

How to Interpret Your Dreams

There is a myth that says that you need to follow certain steps when trying to understand your dreams. Because dreams are not something tangible there is no physical method through which a dream can be analyzed. Despite that, following are a certain basic steps that can be applied to dream interpretation.

Document Your Dreams

Often when people wake up, they forget their dreams, however, if they remember it is best to immediately note it down.

Remember How You Felt

Try and recall your feelings while you were still dreaming. Were you scared, apprehensive or happy? The easiest way to remember the feeling is if you wake up with the feeling. Dreams are said to be a complex collection of ideas and feelings that always have a deeper meaning for you. So, whenever you dream, you are stepping into a world where your wants and feelings take shape for you, despite you being aware of them or not.

Identify Of Yourself

It doesn’t matter if your dreams are different, if you experience the same thoughts and feelings more than once, it could be mirroring what you feel when you are awake. Sometimes, feelings and thoughts we suppress are expressed through images in a dream. If they become over whelming or are based on something that instills fear is us, they transform into nightmares.

When you dream, you are said to be travelling between two worlds. You rest between reality and imagination and this is what is said to provide you with a chance to better understand yourself. When you are awake there are many thoughts and feelings that you suppress or ignore. When you are asleep, your mind connects with these thoughts and emotions, culminating into what you see when asleep.

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