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Differences Of Generations

Mankind is always in a state of evolution and this is so because man is working towards improving themselves and their life. It is all about progressing and growing and this has led to a shift in priorities, norms and values. In the olden days, women would cook and clean at home and men would go and work and the trend of working woman had not been introduced to people, people in the 50’s used to live in nuclear family households and cohabiting was not popular. Over time, these stereotypes broke, people evolved and started thinking differently and this resulted in a generation gap between two age groups. Our grandparents may have a different way of thinking and that differs from us and they might not relate to us.

These are the four generations that have evolved over time.

  • Veteran (1922 to 1945): There was a sense of powerlessness for this generation growing up in the great depression that fostered it. This was because their parents would talk to them about the Great War and how there was so much bloodshed and destruction. People took any job they could find and believed greatly on their destiny. This generation lived through the Second World War where they witnessed friends dying, men were away for war and delayed marriage leading to the baby boomer generation.
  • Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964): The parents (veterans) of the baby boomers were strong individuals that had seen struggle in their lives. There was an average of four children per couple in Canada. They grew up in an era of optimism; jobs were easy to get, people would travel because the economy was stable etc. They were the generation which was introduced to the television so we can say that there was technology advancement in this age.
  • Generation X (born 1965-1980): The offspring of the baby boomers where the education led them to focus on taking practical steps like having fewer children and that led to 15% fall in birth rates. For these well educated children, they faced low salaries and struggled to get a job because of the economy declining. This generation developed strong computer skills and worked really hard by working long hours to attain a promotion at work, a raise, career development etc.
  • Generation Y (born 1981-2000): Technology skilled and more at ease generation than the one before them. Generation Y is the generation that looks for information and reads the news online. They don’t want a boss on their head to tell them what to do because they have a sense of superiority because they are more advanced and believe they have more knowledge than the generation before them. They would leave a job if they feel it is causing them any pain and for this generation, money is not a problem because they don’t get married until the age of 29 and do not have their first child until 31. They can move back with their parents, if necessary.
  • Generation Z (born 1998 – present): Technology is a normal part of life and not something amusing for them.

All these generations from the veterans to generation z, we have seen that man has evolved with changing patterns of attitudes towards life and these attitudes have been shaped due to the experiences they have lived through. Secondly, technology has played a huge role in calling the “next” generation smarter than the previous one and that is because the new generation has more knowledge about the new technologies (internet, smartphones etc.) than the previous one.

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