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Death Penalty

The death penalty sometimes called penalty punishment refers to wen someone is punished by being murdered. The manner of death for the offender can be in some ways. For one, lethal injection can be used. Secondly, a firing squad can be used. Also, an offender can be hanged or even be stoned to death. Controversy over the punishment has been there over the years. Abolishment of the punishment in many countries has occurred. While this is the case, some countries continue to carry on the practice arguing that it is a strong and good deterrent to crimes. Whatever, nations decide about the issue; there will always be differences due to the different views regarding this punishment. Apparently, it has some benefits and disadvantages.

Advantages of Death Penalty

Clearly supporters of this kind of punishment for offenders give various and diverse reasons why the punishment needs to continue. Arguments for the punishment acting as a deterrent to offenders are popular among the supporters. Offenses like murder and terrorism according to the supporters need to be punishable by death. Offenders outside there need to be aware of the repercussions of their actions. The death penalty can cause a decrease in crimes also. Apparently, once a criminal or offender is punished by death, and then it means that he or she cannot commit the grave offenses against the state and other people. Consequently, crime levels in the societies go down. Sometimes, people will argue that criminals capable of committing crimes such as murder, terrorism and genocide are beyond transformation. If this is the case, they should die. It is thus easier to wipe out such criminals with the punishment. Expenses to try transforming such people would be higher than executing them. It is an argument that it saves the state finances that are directed to developments. Also, sometimes, family members and friends of victims may feel good and at peace if criminals are murdered.

Disadvantages of Capital Punishment

Notably, some people are against the punishment. Laws in some nations even abolish the punishment. Arguments that it is a sin to murder another person are prevalent among the people. It is unfortunate if the punishment is carried out to innocent individuals. Some people may be incriminated or framed to take the blame for others. If this occurs, the punishment is unfair. Also, it can cause emotional distress, stress or even depression among loved ones.

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