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Cultural Diversity In Public Safety

Cultural diversity refers to the qualities that arise by having people from different cultures respecting one another’s differences. Many different societies that exist around the world differed considerably from one another and these differences are still witnessed to this day. Initiating cultural diversity awareness to ensure the safety of the public is enhanced different plans have been tried but one that stood out. A plan that reinforces a philosophy that is working effectively with diverse communities requires one to understand the beliefs and values deeply that the member community holds. In modern day communities are becoming more diverse, with a range of experiences, culture and histories make understanding the systems represented by the culture members an important thing to anyone working in such environment. Public safety officer working in those communities need to possess skills and knowledge that will help them understand the perspectives, experiences, and outlooks of the group represented in the community.

Policing a culturally diverse community

The rapidly changing cultural demographics in a community come with challenges to the local police for them to improve the safety of that community. Communication becomes a problem between the police and the newest members of the community this makes providing adequate service to the community a challenge. The language barrier poses a greater challenge and is an obstacle to not only the entities that provide services but also to the public safety. Cultural diversity also brings with it criminal activities in a community because of the increased population. The Cultural misunderstanding between people with different cultures increases making crime rates to rise because of misunderstanding. A community-based gang is a problem for the police officers from those members who previously operated in a gang. Other challenges such as increased number of identity theft, the transient populace, forged documents cases and drug abuse and distribution are part of problems police officer have to undergo with a diverse culture.

Enabling a safe environment in a culturally diverse community

For a safe environment, there is the need for having community service officers who are proficient in different languages. The community should make sure that there are multilingual material lie forms and signs. Cultural diversity training to employees, officers and the general public will greatly benefit the community as a whole. Community-related meetings can help turn that community to be their dream place by ensuring that all cultures voice there concerns and implementing them effectively. An enable safe environment requires the whole community members to participate to their best, for example through volunteer interpretation and community policing.

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