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Argumentative Essay Conclusion: Tips To Impress Your Reader

The conclusion is a very important part of the essay and careful attention should be paid to its composition. Many writers have made the mistake of failing at their conclusion to the dismay of their readers, changing what could have been an excellent paper into a horrible failure.

To construct a well written essay conclusion, one must also posses a well written body so steps should be taken throughout the paper to ensure this is possible. The following is a list of helpful tips to help you impress your reader with an excellent conclusion.

  1. Select an interesting topic
  2. Don’t lapse on topic selection, if you choose something boring to write on, you can be certain that your conclusion will be boring as well. Also, don’t forget that it is up to the author to make a story interesting or not, consider your experiences and skills before selecting a topic, choose one that suits you best.

  3. Formulate a thought provocation hypothesis
  4. Being able to defend a bold, strong statement with solid evidence and research is one of the best ways to win any argument. A hypothesis is a statement that can be refuted through research and evidence so it is the perfect way to begin any argument, just be sure that yours is sound.

  5. Do proper research
  6. After making your first statement, you must now seek to back it up and this must be done in a manner that can be understood or even repeated by anyone. Always adhere to guidelines for research set by your related educational institutes.

  7. Analyze data objectively
  8. Data analysis is important and it is here that many good researchers go wrong. A common mistake made is assuming that one’s own analysis of the data is sufficient, this is wrong. Always seek to have your results inspected and tested by a suitably qualified individual.

  9. Determine your results
  10. After hashing out the meanings of your results with your peers, you must decide what it all says and what you will choose as your final conclusion. Do this carefully and again, make sure your findings are reviewed by your peers before deciding on anything.

  11. Phrase your final statement so that it relates to your hypothesis
  12. Your final statement must be brief but it must also hold great meaning. Remember your hypothesis and decide if your conclusion agrees with it. Then formulate a final statement that represents the two of them.

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