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Free Tips For Writing An Essay On Why Child Labour Is A Curse Of Society

Child labor used to be extremely common throughout the world. Until countries began to adopt labor laws, children were commonly used in factories because they were cheaper and had small hands that could easily fix the machines. Even today, children are still allowed to work within the family business a long time before they could be hired by an actual employer. In third world countries, the use of child labor is still a fairly common practice.

Due to the severity of this issue, many professors will assign essays on why child labor is a curse to society. In addition to harming the children, it tends to keep them away from school. A less educated society has long been linked with higher levels of crime, poorer health and a lower gross domestic product. When students are writing about the topic, they should make sure to address these issues and use hard facts to support their writing.

Do the Research

The first step in writing any essay is to do the research. Students must be able to support their ideas and thesis through statistics and numbers. Fortunately, data can always be found at the students local library, school library or online. As the student finds these sources, they should make sure to write all of the information down about the source. By doing this, the student can make sure that they have the source details on hand for when they start the bibliography.

Create an Outline

It is easy to get lost in ideas when writing about child labor. This topic is an extremely emotional, difficult topic to deal with, so students may go off on tangents as they write or forget the main idea. Due to this, students should prepare an outline before they begin writing. An outline will help them to organize their thoughts and ensure that the paper is well written.

To begin the essay's outline, students should create their introduction and the conclusion. The introduction should contain a thesis statement that covers the entire argument of the article. Afterward, the student should write out a topic sentence for every ensuing paragraph. Each of these topic sentences is like a miniature thesis statement that helps to build on the overall argument. Underneath the topic sentence, the student can jot down two or three pieces of information that support the topic of that paragraph. At the end of the document, the conclusion will restate the thesis statement and sum up the entire argument.

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