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Anti-Terrorism Investigations And The Fourth Amendment After September 11, 2001

The atrocious act of terrorism on the American soil on September 11, 2001 has impacted the social, political and security role of the government on multi-dimensional levels. One of the most controversial political and social impacts has been on the Fourth Amendment which has been the core value of the American way of life, which ensures and secures the constitutional right of the people of America to have secure home, safe documents and right to be alone. Earlier, any violation of such right by investigating and searches was a constitutional offence. But, after September 11 there has been implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act along with some special rights to FBI in execution of criminal investigations. This empowers FBI to search any house, attend any public event, search private and personal electronic communication, surf through library records and phone information to fulfill effective investigation. This has had profound impact on how intelligence, information and personal privacy is compromised to secure a forceful combat against terrorist activities. The Fourth Amendment holds a non partisan stand on Security and Liberty with targeted focus on launching a strategic counter attack on terrorism.

The original safeguard provided by the Fourth Amendment has been challenged as data from personal bank records, credit card usage and private phone tolls have been used for intelligence gathering and information to fight against terrorist activities which use these loopholes for executing their hideous plans. The aim of the terrorist attacks is to disable the democratic vehicle, paralyze the people with fear and to disrupt the safe way of life. This attack was on the American soil shattering the American way of life.

The objective of the Fourth Amendment after the terrorist attack has brought the justice department and the security department to collaborate their effort to gather more centralized information and intelligence which can ensure centralized and consolidated decision-making to counter terrorism. The two departments and the government aim to use their unified resources to fight the terrorist activities and secure the liberty and restore the life of the people in America. The higher vision is to see the law abiding citizens of America free and safe on their own soil. The Fourth Amendment after September 11, 2001 empowers the law enforcement vehicle and the intelligence gathering agency FBI to track, counter and punish terrorists and protect privacy and liberty vital to American people. The American people deserve high standards of safe living with proper checks and balances which has been introduced by the PATRIOT Act ensuring a successful strategy for safeguarding the everyday life of people, where security and liberty are harmonious and non partisan.

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