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After Death

Understanding the happenings after death if there are any is difficult among most people. There are several arguments among people that try to explain happenings after death. However, they do not provide enough evidence since only the dead have an experience of what being dead is like. Spiritual and scientific researchers try to explain the happenings in the body, and the soul after one dies.

After Death: What Happens in a spiritual Perspective

According to the spiritual research, humans have various components. They look at the physical, intellectual and mental perspectives. The view also goes to the ego of humans. These bodies are incorporated in the research and study of the happenings after death. The ego, for example, refers to the feeling within humans that they are separate beings from God. The soul, in this view, refers to God in humans. The causal body, on the other hand, refers to reasoning abilities in humans and decision making. The mental body encompasses human desires, emotions, and feelings whether good or bad. Finally, the physical body of humans is what comprises of the senses of taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. According to the religious research, the body physically remains on earth, whereas the energy of the body gets released to the universe. In other words, the body ceases to exist physically. The causal, Supracausal bodies, however, continue to exist.

After Death: Other Explanations

A myth exists that the hair and the nails grow when one dies. However, it is true that some of the cells in the body die at different rates. Some die later than others. However, finally, the course will breakdown. Initially, a dead body would seem okay at a first glance. However, internal organs are already breaking down. The skin may start turning from normal color to black from the decay. Fermentation also occurs and may result in bad odors. Preserving of the body is through a process referred to as embalming. Embalming helps in reducing the odor and keeping insects away. During the period the body is disposed, the decomposition process usually, has begun. However, the decomposition rate or speed all depends on the environmental factors. Decomposition is fat when a dead body is in water. It is faster when breaking down is rapid and done by animals and insects. Burying the body may take up to ten years for it to fully decompose to a skeleton. However, if in a coffin, it can take several years. It also depends on the material type of the coffin.

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