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Was Socrates A Democrat?

Many people will look at the reputation of Socrates and dismiss him for being a Democrat. His death does not in any show in any way a person that is free from his mind. He took his life by taking a full cup of poison after he was sentenced to death for leading his disciples against the Athenian gods. He was being accused of corrupting the minds of the young and introducing new gods. He did not mind the opinion that people held about him. People thought him as the ugliest man living and he always walked on bare feet in any weather. He was, however, not moved by what people thought about him. Many people saw him as a blessed person whom his inner being did not match his physical appearance. This shows a man that is free in mind and a real democrat. What affected him was when people rejected his commitments to change the world. But the truth is that his teachings were good but were a great contradiction and against the real democracy.

Flaws in Democracy

Socrates was keen to face the weaknesses of democracy that were present at the time. His teachings greatly influenced most of his disciples like Plato. He, however, taught that democracy always gave way to the demands of the people and that it did not out a lot of weight to the proof of specialized knowledge that most leaders had. The other flaws of the flaws of democracy that he pointed out are the way people treat justice and morality. He did not like the way people and all citizens of Athens viewed it as an equal in value. In his teachings, Socrates used examples drawn from lives of people. This was his way to show how democracy had impacted negatively on the lives of many because democracy always gave way to the demands of the population especially those with power.

His trial and sentence

I think and believe that it was not a show of support for democracy when Socrates was subjected to trial. Democracy is when you can freely stand for what you believe in without fear. The authority, in this case, sacrificed Socrates not because of the wrong things he was doing but because in support of different things from the powerful. His firm stand in his view about democracy saw him taken to trial and death sentence.

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