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8 Things You Need To Know About The Problem-Solution Essay Structure

Problem-solution essays have distinct structures that have to be followed when writing them. They are written differently because of the problem that they serve. Here are 8 things that you need to know about the problem solution essay structure.


Write a good introduction that grabs the reader’s attention. You can use a hook. To do this well, you can begin by giving a startling fact/statistic. You can use an anecdote, a rhetorical question or a quote. Next write an explanation. Define the problem and state its significance. Before ending your introduction, write your thesis statement. Ensure that you state those affected by or involved in the problem. You can also mention groups or people that are affects.

The body

The body can have three to four paragraphs. It offers possible solutions.

First paragraph

State your first solution. You can use words such as “one solution to this problem…” or “To begin with…” Next explain how this solution is related to the problem and how it will work. To do this well, use examples, explanations or expound on the idea.

Second Paragraph

State your second solution. You can use words such as “in addition to…” or “another solution to the problem of...” just like in the first paragraph, explain how the solution will work.

Third paragraph

State your third solution. Use words such as, “Lastly,” or “Finally.” Explain how the solution relates to the problem.


It should be a call to action. It provides closure to the problem-solution essay. You could use words such as, “As you can see…” or “It is clear…” end with a punch. Make the reader think more of your suggestions or leave the reader smiling. To do this well, you could write compelling statements. Also pose a question for the reader to thin k about.

Transitional words and phrases

There needs to be cohesion in your problem-solving essay. In order to do this effectively, link your sentences as well your paragraphs. Use transitional words and phrases.

  • For emphasis (in face, indeed, most important, most importantly)
  • Addition (moreover, as well, additionally, in addition, furthermore)
  • Examples/explanations (to illustrate, such as, specifically, for instance)

Topic sentence

Ensure that all your paragraphs have good topic sentences. This topic sentence should introduce the main idea of the paragraph. Follow it up with a few supportive sentences. These sentences should expound on the idea raised in the topic sentence.

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