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Things You Should Know About The Proper Essay Format

Essay writing is a pretty straight forward task, however it seems daunting to some of the students. Those who are pursuing their middle school, high schools or are in college should follow below mentioned format of writing. Have a look at the standard structure of writing

  • Introduction: Introduce the topic and write your statement stating its importance. The introductory paragraph should not only be interesting but should provide a conceptual map in this section of writing as in what all will be covered in this section. Keep it crisp, clear and interesting.
  • Body: It should be comprised of several paragraphs, however if not possible, it should have minimum of three paragraphs. Get ready with appropriate reasoning, evidences, arguments and justifications providing detailed overview of your points. Make sure you make smooth transitions when changing the paragraphs. It will make good links between all the paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: This is the summary part which should be really short and should be comprised of the essence of the composition. The section should not be more than one paragraph, however if your essay is really longer, your number of paragraphs can increase.

What are the steps of formatting a good essay?

  • Familiarize yourself with the topic: This is the biggest prompt that needs to be kept in mind before initiating the writing. Brainstorm for ideas and seek help of various refreshers, magazine articles, newspaper articles, web links, websites, journals etc. Discuss the topic with your colleagues, family members and friends.
  • Prepare a rough draft: Usually, one draft does not suffice. It simply makes an outline but to make your writing impressive, you should go through second and third pieces of drafts. As you go through the editing process, your writing improves.
  • Be ready for review: Once your final draft is ready, ask for feedbacks from your instructor and go for amendments.
  • Pay attention to writing style and punctuations: It includes inside quotations, grammar, sentence structuring, verses, tenses, vocabulary, spellings, commas, etc. Avoid using use of abbreviations and notations.
  • Apart from that try to stay specific and write more in less words. It will make your writing a brilliant piece.
  • Pay attention to grammar: Avoid using too many negative words. The verbs and the use of subject should tune with each other. Avoid using fragments. Avoid using too much of exclamatory marks. Commas should not be used between subject and the predicate. Say no to informal abbreviations and ampersands.

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