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Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are mostly common since the ankles support the weight of the entire body. It is estimated that around two million patients seek medical attention on issues pertaining ankle strains, sprains and fractures. Ankle injuries are experienced by both athletes and the sedentary persons. In most cases ankle injuries are accidental whereby one can step into potholes or can slip while walking. Those who are at a higher risk are those who walk are in high heeled shoes and the overweight. Ankle injuries normally involve to a sudden and unexpected loss of balance that leads to the ankle having a sharp twist. Ankle strain occurs when the ankle muscles or tendon are overstretched. Sprains results when the connective tissue that link one bone to a ligament or another bone is overstretched. In cases when the ligament tears and bone fragments are pulled away is referred to as the avulsion fracture.

Causes of common ankle injuries

Ankle injuries are usually categorized depending on the tissue that one has injured for example bone (ankle fracture, tendon (tendonitis) and muscle (strain). Ankle muscles and tendons are usually tasked with protecting, moving and controlling ankle joint. In case, your ankle muscles lose control and don’t act quickly will cause your ligaments to be overstretched which will result in ligament rupture or what is called ankle sprain. Ankle fracture occurs when one or more bones break, for example, the distal fibula fracture. Potts tibia and fibula fracture, and the talar dome fracture. Ankle muscle strains are common in our day to day life, but our bodies have different muscles that converge into tendons wrapping around our feet and ankles to gives as protection against ankle sprains and enables walk and run. Another cause of ankle injury or inflammatory is when the muscles and tendons are overused or in the case of trauma. Ankle inflammation is referred to as the tendonitis and it can lead to muscle completely rapturing, tear or move out of position.

Ankle injuries treatment

Most ankle injuries don’t need surgical operations; these ligaments usually heal without the need for surgery. Patients’ ability to bear the body weight is an important factor since those who can do so after the injury are likely to recover quickly. In general, early treatments involve having ankle rest, icing for about three hours with the leg and ankle positioned such that the toes are above the patient’s nose level. Physical therapy is necessary and the use of ankle brace and removable walking boots. In the case of a patient with damaged cartilage, surgery may be needed. Recovery from these injuries depends on its severity.

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