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When you are tasked with writing an essay, there are some great tips you should know that will make the entire writing process significantly easier on you!

Great Essay Writing Tips You Should Know About

By Jacky I.Spenser

Tip #1:
Pick your topic.

In some situations you are given the freedom to select a topic on your own and in others you have to write what is assigned. If you have to write what is assigned, think about the topic and what alternative angles you might be able to cover. You do not want to necessarily focus on a general overview of your subject, unless that was the assignment, so work on narrowing down a specific analysis you want to cover.

If you were not assigned a topic, you get the opportunity to take advantage of a topic which is relevant to your life or interesting to you. In either case, determine immediately whether your essay design is to persuade your audience or inform them. With that purpose in mind, research topics you want to use or angles you want to use and evaluate the various options. For example: if your goal is to inform your readers then it is best that you select a topic you are already familiar with or passionate about, as this will give you the background you need to properly inform them.

Tip #2:
Prepare your outline.

The outline is a very important component, but it does not have to be a formal affair. You can use a diagram or some other form of visualization in order to make the outline for your topic. You want to use the outline in whatever form you select to make clear connections between the ideas in your head. You want to structure your paper with an outline.

If you choose to make a traditional outline, you want to write the topic statement at the top and from there, list the main ideas beneath each of which should be the smaller ideas that support them. This will lead to better organization.

If you choose a diagram, then write the topic in the center of the page and draw branches extending out from the center for however many body paragraphs you will have. Then write down the smaller ideas on each “branch” and draw even smaller lines off of these for additional supporting information.

Tip #3:
Write down the thesis.

After you have organized your thoughts, you need to write down the thesis. Look over the diagram or outline you created for any patterns or main ideas. You want to use this as the thesis. But be flexible in your thesis because you may find that while you want to write that smoking cigarettes is far from harmful, you might find the evidence states something to the contrary.

After this, your goal is to conduct the necessary research to gather any remaining sources, answer the questions that your audience will inevitably have, and then to prepare your first draft. Remember that the introduction might be the first part of the assignment but it does not have to be written first. If a section of your body is ready to go, write that section first. You are in complete control in this regard and should reserve the introduction and conclusion for the end anyway, as you will need to know what will be contained in your body paragraphs before you write those.

Once your draft is complete, distance yourself from it for roughly one day. Give your subconscious some time to think it over and review the elements in the back of your mind. Then return with a fresh perspective for final edits and proofreading.

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